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GoForArt is the website for art works and arty products, designed and made by me, Mária Berns.

In a period I needed more positive energy I started designing and painting mandala's.
Since the beginning of 2011 that activity evolved  into complete different art works, both paintings and acrylic resin art objects. Since the end of 2014 I'm busy with painting on silk products, mainly scarfs. But in the near future to be combined with ties for men or shoes for ladies.

By the way, I'm an autodidact and yes ....  I'm proud of that!

I work with black&white paterns, combined with bright colours, often pink, red, orange, purple and bright green and blue.

You can call me a Fausvist 2.0. Art with a mission! Joyful and colourful energy for people who like it, or for those who can use it.

So my art works are specially made to add some positive energy to this hectic world, and if possible to give you a smile. I only work at them when I'm in a positive mood and by creating all these works I get always positive energy myself.

Repetative theme's in my work are:

- enjoy colour in life
- look at your life through another pair of glasses

- the ultimate attempt of colours to live with black&white

- good moods
- The Purple Salamander
- Out of space

Often the black&white paterns reflect 'daily routine' and the bright colours are the pleasant, unexpected and energetic moments in life.
As for many others, it is an excercise for me to blance between tasks in life that need to be done and to allocate enough time to do things you really enjoy and that recharge the battery.

For me it is clear, producing art works, especially with bright colours, is life saving and gives me lots of energy. Energy to share. Enjoy!

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With love, Mária Berns

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